June 15, 2019

Our Principles

LHO Organization entirely respects the following principles INDEPENDECY

LHO Organization acts according to its principles so as to maintain its moral and financial independence. LHO Organization actions are not defined in term of domestic or foreign polices nor are they in the interest of any particular government.


LHO Organization maintains strict none partisan politically and dispute neutrality However; LHO Organization is focused helping and closely researchpaperwriter.net working with Somali communities on humanitarian front as well removing obstacles put in the way of its humanitarian action implementation through peaceful dialogue.



 LHO Org shall never relent discrimination based on race, sex, ethnicity, nationality opinion or social calls disruption and victimization.



LHO Org free access to victim and direct control of its program.

LHO Org uses all means available to achieve these principles.


LHO Organization based the conception, relation management and assessment of its programs on professional standards and year experience in order to maximize its efficiency programs and resource in Somali regions.


LHO Org is committed to respecting policy of totals openness and donors and encourages the availability of information and allocation of its funds and management. LHO Org is also committed to provide and guarantees to prove its good management.

The Organization has executive committees who are well experience and professionals the various sectors of the org, as they are devoted to work in raising helpful hand to the community in Somalia through Loyalty and hard work. Hence the executives/Board Members are as follows: