June 15, 2019

About Us

Laas Humanitarian Organization established 1999 by group of intellectuals who felt the pain of the community and the need of the local organization working for Humanitarian Relief and Development by tackling the problems facing the community especially vulnerable group as woman, children and Elders, when the form government collapsed the people met tragedy and unseen fatuous problems that followed by clannish clashes and endless war that resulted:

  • Food insecurity
  • Droughts
  • Diseases
  • Malnutrition
  • Poor sanitation
The Main Sectors of Laas Humanitarian Organization are;-
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Education
  • Peace building
  • Food insecurity
  • Agricultural
  • To commence Development operation to minimize Humanitarian torment following deadly diseases outbreak, malnutrition particular group such as woman, Children and Elders.
  • Preventing communicable diseases by maintaining healthy physical environment and good general condition.
  • Diseases management diagnoses and treats case promptly with trained staff using effective treatment and standard protocols all Health facilities.
  • Outbreak control ensure outbreak are rapidly detected and controlled through adequate preparation i.e. stockpile, standard treatment protocols and staff training and rapid response confirmation investigation and implementation of the control measures.
  • Rehabilitation of water catchments.
  • Construction of shallow and boreholes wells.
  • Promoting health and nutrition through mobilization and macro/micronutrients supplement.
  • to reduce hazards that faces to the community through mobilization, training to minimize the risk which will face to the community population.
  • Prevent of malnutrition, diseases poor sanitation by using all possible means of sensitization and mobilization through capacity building.
  • To struggle and make change to current situation of the IDPs.
  • To create income generation activities to the destitute part of the societies.

Laas Humanitarian Organization Headquarter is in Mogadishu but has sub-office in Hargeisa region. The NGO would like to develop and expand program throughout Somalia.


To improve Health, water/Sanitation and agriculture production in order to reduce poverty, malnourished children through integrated and gender response that will conduce to overcome malnutrition and diseases.


The activities and efficiently contribute to the eradication of the poverty through dealing with its root causes and help the need to help themselves.

Core value:

  • Demonstrate integrity transparency and respect for the
  • Building relationship with all stockholders through participation cooperation, collaboration, team work and open, regular communication.
  • Abide by the laws of the country and advocate positive